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March 09 2011


Avast ye, get in the Cocoa!

Avast ye, get in the Cocoa!

January 30 2011

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Walk between the drops, walk between the drops, walk between the aaaccckkk!
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Walk between the drops, walk between the drops, walk between the aaaccckkkk!

January 28 2011

How many hundreds of years have we been using candles but no one thought of this before?  So cool!
This is my kind of light-bright, multi-directional and kinda frightening.
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January 23 2011


Keyboard chocolate

You can suck on my keyboard too.  There's probably chocolate in there, maybe a little coffee.  A few thousand cookie crumbs and plenty of Dorrito dust.

Why do I find this so disturbing?!
I have a pain in my neck

The joke among massage therapists is that as long as there are computers, we will always have work.  If people start doing this....I'm going to be rich!
RT @macstoriesnet: Vyne, An iPhone Stand Wrapped Around You http://mcstr.net/fVyRLI
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awww so sweeetttt!!!!

January 22 2011



Valentine's Day is coming and what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you going to get her this year?  

Learning Couples Massage is fun, easy, romantic and will be the gift that keeps on giving night after night. 
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